Mission: The Winters Parent Nursery School is a nonprofit, volunteer organization. We promote family engagement and involvement, foster a love of learning through play, and create community connections. We believe children learn through play and need educational play experiences to develop self-confidence to become prepared for the higher level of their educational journey.
One goal at WPNS is to provide for the physical comfort and safety of the children in our care. We have planned a stimulating environment (inside and out) that meets the needs of all children. We also provide for the emotional and social needs of the child. We assist with separation issues and show constructive ways to work out disputes. Children learn how to cooperate, share, take turns, verbalize feelings, defend their rights and respect the rights of others.
WPNS works to ensure that a child has the following basic skills when he/she moves onto Kindergarten:
  • Has developed a strong self confidence.
  • Knows how to cooperate and take turns.
  • Has developed listening skills.
  • Has learned how to problem solve and make proper choices.
  • Takes initiative in exploring things of interest.
  • Respects self and others.
  • Understands relationships between objects and events.
  • Recognizes similarities and differences.
  • Feels encouraged and excited about the “love” of learning.