“Your Rules are Dumb”

Don’t forget to join us tonight at Pioneer Presbyterian Church for a Presentation of “Your Rules are Dumb” by author and educator, Rebecah Freeling.

“When you can teach your child/student alternative, more productive behavior while also genuinely appreciating his/her bad behavior as the strength is represents, your child/student gets to experience the changes you want him/her to make as a movement toward greater capacity instead of a movement away from some deficiency.”

Adult Night, No Childcare Provided


YesterYear of WPNS

We have been playing a game on social media this month as we lead up to the WPNS Annual Children’s Festival. I’m calling it, “YesterYear of WPNS”. How many of these little munchkins do you recognize? How many are you still friends with? It is not the year I attended but I know 5 of…
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Give $10 for a chance to win $1000

WPNS Children's Festival

CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL IS COMING… …and what a raffle! Buy a $10 Raffle Ticket for 3 chances to win BIG! Each Ticket offers THREE (3) CHANCES TO WIN! $1,000 – $750 – $500 Children’s Festival is fast approaching and our Winters Parent Nursery School has raffle tickets to sell! Find a currently enrolled family or contact…
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